3kings 3kings - Live at The Hard Rock!

billyzee here. we're 3kings! we play good ol' blues.

bob on guitar and g on drums. i play bass and sing.

3kings play hard rock blues.

rockin out on tv

that's what she said

cool walkin downtown

3kings Live! ...at the Hard Rock Cafe.
April 17, 2012
North America's Original Hard Rock!
3kings - Sounds Like Thunder
as seen on tv!

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Thank You Hard Rock Cafe Yonge Street
Crystal Rocks! Dustin sounds were amazing!
Rogers Television Toronto Talent
Lewin and Quinn are Awesomeeee!
Photos by Tom Linardos
Thanks Jude, Edith, Harry, Mark

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ground culture


Click me to hear tunes. Search for billyzee at acidplanet.com
"unplugged from society" - 2005

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Donstock 1996 - 2000

Billy Zee plays 4 and 6 string and sings a bit.

Todd, Rob, Bill and Ash
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same again

Ash, Bill and Rob

same again

Bill, Rob and Ash ...you can almost see Don

Rob, Bill and Ash

Rob sings and blows harp. Bill'z on bass right here.

Ash plays lead guitar and drinks a bit



Here's some from around 1982. The band's called "Ground Culture"

I'm on bass

not quite camo...

Here's some from around 1981. The band's called "Trenz"

I'm on bass

the boys

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